Orleans Flea Market, France

The city of Orleans is a delight and so is its flea market.

Held every Saturday morning in a car park on the busy Boulevard Alexandre Martin, its only a stones throw (well, a couple of hundred yards) from the city's amazing and impressive cathedral and vibrant array of shops and attractions.

The 80-120 or so vendors who appear early in the morning, display their wares in boxes or heaped on blankets and table tops. Their goodies will appeal to bargain hunters and collectors of all pockets. Rustic items, linked to the agricultural and fishing heritage of the surrounding region, are very much in evidence – tools, buckets, jugs, wine-making implements, planters, baskets, fishing rods, glass domes (used to protect young plants), etc. You will also see finer ceramics and porcelain, and good-quality linens, alongside crates of kitchenware and utensils.

I have always found prices to be generally reasonable and vendors are keen to sell. One great thing about this market is that even if you attend each week, there is plenty of new and fresh stock to scour through.

There is plenty of parking available - its generally free on a Saturday around the market but check with the meters before parking. Orleans is well placed and accessible from Paris and with the fabulous TGV, it is easily accessible as a day trip from Paris - you can be back in time for a lovely supper by the Seine!
Lastly, just across the road from the market is the fabulous Cafe Vincent - perfect for a morning croissant and espresso. Mmmnnn....!

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