Lille Flea Market - La Braderie

This weekend saw the massive flea market that takes place every year in Lille. 

Known as "La Braderie", it is quite simply a monumental event - I have never seen or experienced anything quite like it! Street upon street is literally dripping in vendors offering everything from the bathroom sink to a can of baked beans. 

Having just got back, here are some pictures from La Braderie 2010!
(for some reason, my photos are in reverse order, but enjoy them anyway!)

There is one menu this weekend - piles and piles of them!

As you can tell - I like signs!

Early Sunday morning - about 7am. Only way to beat the crowds.

Looking for a tailors dummy? I've got five!

Surely worth buying simply to get about - its so huge!

When in Rome... ;)

Photo was taken about 9.30pm - selling still goes on.

Taken about 9pm - the market almost becomes a carnival

Spot the word!

Spot of site seeing!

So busy - it was quite hard to see the stands!

This photo was taken on a quiet street!

This button seller had travelled from Paris.

Happy memories!

Typical market items for sale

Breakfast comes in many forms!

Early Saturday morning - we're off and running!

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