The Flea Markets of France

One of the most common questions we hear? Whats the best guide book to French Flea Markets?

Well, each of us will have our own and our special favourites, when it comes to hunting for antiques and collectables...

For us - at the Find Flea Markets team - when it comes to French Flea Markets, there is only one book that works for us:

The Flea Markets of France by Sandy Price. 

A) It is lovely!
B) It is nice and small so it fits in your bag or pocket!
C) Its very cheap and affordable
D) It actually is not only great looking - but its very informative!
E) A great guide to the markets of France but also tells a bit about the area and local hot spots!
F) It describes accurately what one can hope to find from each market - antiques or junk!

We could go through the whole alphabet recommending this one to you - its brilliant! No traveller should be with out it - no flea market hunter should leave home with out it!

You will love it.

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